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DSC_0077 We welcome your interest in our master’s program in Counseling…We have significantly increased our Scholarships and Tuition Discounting for incoming Counseling Students for January, 2015, and Fall Quarter, 2015 !

The Southwestern College Counseling program is fully approved by the Higher Learning Commission, and  offers a number of distinctive advantages over most other clinical programs.

  1. Our holistic, integrative clinical curriculum combines current evidence-based practices in the field with exposure to alternative and indigenous heaCounseling tweakedling perspectives, traditions and ceremony, for a true multicultural flavor and training experience.
  2. We have a transformational and experiential teaching/learning philosophy, so you learn by being, and doing, and exploring your own truth, rather than being required to adopt the points of view of instructors or “experts.”
  3. We offer a heavy emphasis on your personal transformation, and your development as a compassionate, mindful, reflective, and deeply self-aware psychotherapist. You become your own first client, and experience the process of personal transformation yourself. This learning by experiencing helps you work transformationally with clients as a counselor.
  4. We encourage our student therapists to cultivate a practice of focusing on clients’ strengths, internal resources, and capacity for healing and growth. We see the full person in all their potential and light—not just a diagnostic category. This means that your training will have this humanistic, compassionate emphasis–rather than the detached and disconnected approach found in many therapies and programs.
  5. Our certificate programs amplify the power of your master’s degree, and enhance your career options significantly. The certificate areas are Human Sexuality, Infant Mental Health, Trauma, Grief & Renewal, Children’s Mental Health, Transformational Ecopsychology, and Applied Interpersonal Neurobiology. IN addition, licensed therapists from the community attend these courses, allowing you to begin networking within the northern New Mexico professional community.Lopez Heikes
  6. In our Conscious Entrepreneurship Initiative, we offer free training in “how to create a private practice”, as well as how to develop a web and social media presence to support your own private therapy practice,  or coaching and consulting practice. We also post available jobs from all across the United States every month, coach interested students in doctoral program options, and assist them with resumes and their professional presentation.
  7. Southwestern College runs the Southwestern Counseling Center for your training experiences. Using a true sliding scale for its clients, SCC offers you clinical experiences with the diverse population that makes up northern New Mexico. Many programs have students do practicum in the university setting, where ethnic and socioeconomic diversity is typically much more limited.



Program InformationCounseling SHot 3

  • Curriculum and Degree prepare graduates for licensure
  • 91 quarter units (equivalent to approx. 60 semester units)
  • Both practicum and internship experience
  • Full-time two year program; part-time options are also available
  • Diverse faculty within  small classroom settings, resulting in personal attention and great mentorship opportunities


Students also develop their own professional counselor identities during the coursework, and through a year-long practicum and internship experience. Practicum occurs at the DSC_0142Southwestern Counseling Center, and internships can be accomplished in or out of state in the last two quarters of the program.

Our Master’s degree program in Counseling prepares students for a wide range of meaningful careers in the helping and healing professions.  Graduates are eligible for licensure in New Mexico and other states.

Craig McAdams and Daniel

If you are interested in a degree program, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Review the Degree Admissions Requirements, and download and complete the Degree Application Packet. It is an exciting time to join us and we encourage you to contact the Admissions Office to discuss in greater detail how you can launch your career. For inspirational stories about “Where SWC Graduates Work”, click here! (This could be you…)

Counseling Program Chair

 Carol Parker Ph.D., LPCCphoto of Carol Parker, Counseling Program Chair


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