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Letter from President Nolan to Those Thinking About Coming to Southwestern College

Greetings from Southwestern College… At Southwestern College, our primary commitment is to the transformation of our students’ lives. We take that charge very seriously. For us, “transformation”, “consciousness”, holistic psychotherapy and integrative health are not buzz words, but the stuff of everyday conversations and classroom experiences. It is our focus. The focus on your personhood,…
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When a Trance is Broken and an Awakening Occurs – Transformation @ Southwestern College

    Transformational Possibilities and Properties of Dysregulation Some people believe that “Dysregulation” is a bad thing, and something to be fixed, asap. Some of us have another possible take on that. When a person has been “traumatized”, or let’s say, been through something really bad and painful, and they are not able to function…
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