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Where Do Southwestern College Grads Work? Jack Lehman, Counseling

1996 Grad, Jack Lehman, MA, LPCC 
Certified Trainer – Center for Nonviolent Communication. In Thailand, north of Chiang Mai, I worked individually with workshop participants in front of a group. It was a 2 day Introduction to Nonviolent Communication. I spent much of the winter of ‘10 -’11 in Thailand and gave 3 workshops…
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Did You Know I Drive a Yellow Lamborghini?

Thoughts on Practicum and Internship from a Second Year Student at Southwestern College   - Your practicum is an awesome experience. Seeing first clients will never happen again. You have time in supervision to hash out concerns and explore ideas, and hear other people’s ways of doing therapy. We are all different, and…
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Failure Becomes the Seed of Possibility

What I have learned at Southwestern College is that each quarter brings with it new experiences. Sometimes they are wrapped in neat little packages with cute little bows, and sometimes whatever I receive I’d like to send back and pretend it was addressed to someone else. That being said, sometimes the most painful experiences lead…
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SWC: The Experience by Claudia Escareño-Clark

As graduate assistants at Southwestern College we get to do a variety of tasks, depending on our strengths and interests. While doing social media and blogging, I came up with the idea last fall to do a series of videos. What I realized is that while I was fortunate enough to already be living…
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Psychology of Altruism: A Creative Experience

by Christine Miller, M.A. Candidate in Art Therapy and Counseling at Southwestern College The initial quarter of classes I took at Southwestern College was both exciting and intimidating. It was through one of my first and most memorable classes, that I learned the value of intention. Without a concrete intent to work on something I would get…
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Where Do Southwestern College Grads Work? Karen Wennberg

"My clients are the best of my teachers, and I am forever grateful to them." - Karen Wennberg A few months after graduation, I worked up the courage to take a job offer serving a population that is often avoided and forgotten by society. Addiction brings individuals affected to a place where there is little…
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Gratitude at the Grand Canyon: Two Student’s Road Trip for Thanksgiving

SWC fun at the Grand Canyon By Allegra Borghese Part of the fun of moving to Santa Fe for grad school is getting to explore a new geographical location. The high deserts offer a different kind of vastness than the concrete jungles of the east coast. While a seven hour drive can get you…
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Art Therapy Supervision

As an Art Therapist, I know that the art process is an important container. As a supervisor, I like to weave in art making and sand tray work in supervision, to articulate client and agency issues and express the multi-dimensional experience that a new therapist has. Katelyn did her practicum and internship at a…
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SWC Sexuality Certificate: A Kick Off Lecture w/ Jason & Ginna

Southwestern College, Santa Fe, has announced the launching (soon) of a certificate in Human Sexual Experience and Expression (I think I got that right, but would not bet the house on it...) We are VERY excited!!      Tonight Jason Holley was a guest lecturer, giving a talk entitled: Organic Sexuality: From Shame into…
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Southwestern College Offers Linked In Workshop

Southwestern College's Entrepreneurship Initiative is an effort to empower its students to function successfully in the "business world" when they graduate. Private practice, consultation, life coaching, contract work, and freelancing, all require entrepreneurial skills like social media fluency, marketing savvy, branding fundamentals and the nuts and bolts of billing and so forth. This workshop is…
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