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The Reality About Art Therapy Master’s Degrees

by Dr. James Michael Nolan, President, Southwestern College Here it is, uncharacteristically succinctly from me: If you get a STRICTLY Art Therapy Master's degree, you MUST know that only 4 states (Mississippi, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Maryland) license Art Therapists as Art Therapists. That shocks some people, but it is just the way it is.…
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Transforming Consciousness through Weight Loss: A Complicated Psychological Journey

Changing Form to Change Spirit: Losing Weight as a Transformational Journey So….there is a line of thinking that holds that we should feel good about ourselves, no matter what. Being in shape or not, having advanced degrees or not, whether we are handsome or not, beautiful or not, full plumaged or bald, whether we drink…
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Series on Career Services: #1–Training Experiences at SWC

Career Services at Southwestern College Questions You Should Have About Graduate School in Counseling or Art Therapy Every graduate student and (especially) prospective graduate student should have a keen interest in the answers to these four questions: 1) What are the training experiences the school will provide? 2) How will the school help me prepare…
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Students at Southwestern College, Santa Fe, Learn Powerful Clinical Skills

We just don't talk about it as much as we should, and you may end up with a slanted view of Southwestern College's strengths... Here, Dr. Jim Nolan brings you a lot of information about both the Southwestern College clinical training, and how it is received by supervisors and agencies in our community---REALLY good news…
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