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It’s the Perfect Time to Become a Counselor or Art Therapist

Obamacare is creating a tremendous number of jobs in the Counseling and Art Therapy fields. This new and dramatic development makes this a perfect time to be going into the mental/behavioral health professions. Dr. Jim Nolan, President of Southwestern College offers his up-to-date experience…
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“Can I Get a Job in Art Therapy?”

Can I Get a Job in Art Therapy? Yes. That is the short answer. (And look HERE for all the jobs listed in the USA that we could find!) Southwestern College has hundreds of alumni who are out in the world working as Art Therapists. There are thousands more from other schools as well. (Yes,…
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“Why Should I Sign Up for a Certificate Program?”

“Why Should I Sign Up for a Certificate Program?”  Southwestern College offers six Professional Certificates, and plenty of other places offer other ones, so this post is not really about SWC, it is about Professional Certificates. Here are some thoughts on the subject: First, I don’t need to tell anyone that it…
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