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Controversy and Unity in the Art Therapy Empire

Controversy and Unity in the Art Therapy Empire  Controversy means somebody gives a damn. That’s a good thing.  This is a touchy one. I should leave it alone. But I probably didn’t get to be president of an Art Therapy graduate school by leaving the touchy ones alone.  Let me start with this observation: “We’re…
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Moving Toward “Evolved” Communication” As We Move Ahead….

Piranhas, Hijackers, Brawlers, Shunners and Consciousness... Authentic communications are not so easy to come by these days, and you kind of wish they were, maybe especially during the holiday season. I thought a lot about whether I wanted to submit this post,  and had a long discussion with myself, finally deciding that even if it only heightens…
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Cows Works: India is the Great Teacher….

Cows Works: India is the Great Teacher “Chaos” in India One thing (among many) that I loved about our experience in India is that it demonstrated, in ever-in-your-face, living color that so many of the rules, laws, regulations, restrictions, dicta, fiats, got-to’s and can’t-do’s that we embrace in western culture as critical to…
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Missing the practice

I notice that I value a mindfulness practice most when there is a period of time when I am not doing it. The quarter has ended. The mindfulness sessions have stopped for now. I am rushing around trying to get "stuff" done - meetings, work, shopping, and running around before the holidays. It is probably…
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Ecopsychology Alchemy

Jim just posted a piece on photography and I cannot resist sharing photos that he took while in a Transformational Ecopsychology class taught by Carol Parker. I call the series the “Phoenix series” for obvious reasons. Jim was one of the attendees and laid on the ground and took pictures of Carol and students through…
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