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Active and Passive Thought, Part I: The Journey to the Station

Thought is a fascinating and inescapable phenomenon; it takes many forms and has many names.  We can think linguistically, visually, auditorily, emotionally, sensually, somatically...  Regardless of manifestation, at its core, thought is a means of representing information, mediating, and making sense of our realities; it is integral to our experience. In this day and…
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Active and Passive Thought, Part II: Thinking of Thoughts/The Training of Trains

One way of thinking of thoughts is to visualize yourself standing on a platform within a vast train station, surrounded by matrices of tracks stretching in various directions and at different heights and angles, intersecting in ways that can appear, from certain vantage points, to present purposeful, coherent, even skillfully crafted patterns.  The clanging of…
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Hot Under the Collar: Fashion as Embodied Dogma

I stopped wearing collared shirts years ago.  This started when my wife bought me a shirt with a “banded collar”.  The shirt was a deep reflective blue, and had a decorative, black and silver top button, seemingly Asian in design.  For whatever reason, this aesthetic appealed to me.  Soon, as I accumulated more shirts without…
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