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Sandra Ingerman Joins Southwestern College Board of Trustees

Sandra Ingerman, known world-wide for her work in Shamanism and her eight books, is now a member of the Southwestern College (Santa Fe) Board of Trustees. Sandra has been a long time friend of the school, delivering commencement speeches, and serving on the Board of Advisors for years. We are honored and amazed to have…
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The Give-Away: An Indigenous Abundance Ceremony

The Give-Away Ann Filemyr, Ph.D. Vice President of Academic Affairs & Dean, Southwestern College   In a number of different but related indigenous cultures, there exists the practice some call the Give-Away. This Ceremony is undertaken whenever an individual or family or clan group experiences a sense of great abundance, of plentitude and joy. Then…
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Reflections from Old Age, by President Nolan

As I grow older, I grow increasingly less tolerant of intolerance, I grow less patient with impatience, I become a great admirer of Questioners, and decidedly less admiring of those who claim to have Answers, I grow less respectful of rules, and more trusting of rule-breakers; I find Joy more compelling than Trauma, I find…
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Seven Distinctive Features of Southwestern College’s MA in Counseling Program

The Southwestern College Counseling program is fully approved by the Higher Learning Commission, and  offers a number of distinctive advantages over most other clinical programs. 1.  Our holistic, integrative clinical curriculum combines current evidence-based practices in the field with exposure to alternative and indigenous healing perspectives, traditions and ceremony, for a true multicultural flavor and training experience.  …
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The Reality About Art Therapy Master’s Degrees

by Dr. James Michael Nolan, President, Southwestern College Here it is, uncharacteristically succinctly from me: If you get a STRICTLY Art Therapy Master's degree, you MUST know that only 4 states (Mississippi, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Maryland) license Art Therapists as Art Therapists. That shocks some people, but it is just the way it is.…
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“I Am A Real Woman”, by Michelle Harkey

     Michelle Harkey is a student at Southwestern College and a Life Coach. This blog is an incredibly open and vulnerable, bold and powerful sharing of her own experience of herself and her own self-image... Please click below to access this amazing piece of work......   http://www.michelleharkey.com/blog/i-am-a-real-woman/…
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Applied Interpersonal Neurobiology

At Southwestern College, we are about to launch a certificate program in "Applied Interpersonal Neurobiology". Kate Cook will be the Director of the program, and you can find our more about it here:  http://swc.edu/applying-to-certificate-specialty-programs/applied-interpersonal-neurobiology/#.U8WoesJOWM8 Meanwhile, here is a delightful presentation from Bonnie Badenoch, one of the queenpins of the field... http://swc.edu/applying-to-certificate-specialty-programs/applied-interpersonal-neurobiology/#.U8WoesJOWM8  …
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